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Mediterranean garden for Poundbury, Dorchester

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Mediterranean garden for Poundbury, Dorchester

Date Aug 2017
Location Poundbury, Dorchester
Category Residential
Project details: 

Enclosed small gardens can feel constricted but fill them with scent and texture and a balance of structure and movement and a small space can come alive and revitalise the senses.

This small garden has very obvious structure from the Italian cypress trees and large box balls but there is plenty to provide interest at a smaller level from the profuse but tiny Mexican fleabane daisy to the exquisite delicate red flowers of Diathus cruentus and the delicate fringed scented white flowers of Dianthus arenarius. Further scent comes from Lavendula x intermdia Grosso, the tallest and most scented of lavenders, as well as Euphorbia x pasteruii, Cosmos Chocomocha and the aromatic chamomile family member Anthemis EC Buxton. Movement is introduced through the wafting grass Stipa tenuissima and the gently bubbling water in the bespoke Corten steel water feature above which is mounted a laser cut Corten steel art panel. Lighting in the water feature and uplighting of the Cypress trees adds further drama in the evening. This little space is now packed with interest all year round. 

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