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Design for a Ringwood garden

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Ringwood, Hampshire Garden concept

The concept

Ringwood, Hampshire Garden


Design for a Ringwood garden

Date Aug 2013
Location Ringwood, Hampshire
Category Residential
Project details: 

Clean lines, wildflower meadow mix and bold repeat planting were used to give this 1/2 acre garden in Ringwood, Hampshire an elegant feel with reduced maintenance requirements.

The new driveway is edged in a mix of ox-eye daisies and grasses with multi-stem Amelanchier providing structure, rhythm and a mass of white blossom in spring. In the centre is a new levelled lawn with a central garden sculpture framed by arcs of espalier trained apple trees.

A vegetable garden has been created to one side edged in herringbone brick pavers. In the rear garden new walls add vertical dimensions to an otherwise flat plane and lead the eye towards the open countryside and river.

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