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Walled cottage garden

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Dorset Walled cottage garden


Dorset Walled cottage garden

In it's first year

Dorset Walled cottage garden
Dorset Walled cottage garden
Dorset Walled cottage garden
Dorset Walled cottage garden

Walled cottage garden

Date May 2013
Location Dorset
Category Residential
Project details: 

The Brief

The existing garden in Compton Abbas, Dorset, had stunning views to all sides from a walled garden containing semi-mature trees, an unusual stone gazebo, no paths and lots of weedy soil.

We were asked to create a garden design that invited exploration and which connected the gazebo with the large Georgian farmhouse, while making use of existing mature trees. As much as possible we wanted to re-use materials found during landscaping and deploy reclaimed materials in order for the garden to sit comfortably alongside the house.

The Solution

With a 360 degree vista of wonderful rolling countryside it was important to have a visual anchor within the garden. So we created a central secret garden enclosed by beech hedges and with a raised bed containing an umbrella clipped bay tree, relocated from elsewhere in the garden.

Paths of gravel and reclaimed herringbone pattern brick were introduced to offer a journey around the garden, with various seating points offered along the way. Yorkstone paving found during landscaping was re-used to create a seating area in the dappled shade of an existing apple tree. Within only six months the reclaimed materials had aged in well and the effect was of a garden that had been in existence for many years.

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