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Levelling out the view

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Levelling out the view

Date Mar 2018
Location Dorset
Category Residential
Project details: 

In this garden in Donhead St Andrew, just outside Shaftebsury, Dorset, the client asked me to create a design that removed high ground that wrapped around the existing kitchen in order for a more open view to be enjoyed from a new conservatory. New access to the conservatory was to be created alongside an underground store below the steps. 

I created a design that used lines and shapes that draw the eye out into the garden including staggered beech hedges at 90 degrees to the house. Borders of perennials dotted about ensure there are appeaing views in all directions and specimen tree planting, including the stunning wedding cake tree Cornus controversa variegata, gives structure to the space. To one side of the garden a new orchard is bordered by a low hedge of currant bushes and a new cleft chestnut post and rail fence was erected to create a boundary between garden and horse school. 

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