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Hampstead apartment

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Hampstead apartment

Date May 2013
Location Hampstead, London
Category Residential
Project details: 

The Brief

To enhance a small decked garden area to assist in the sale of a highly luxurious apartment in a prestigious development in Bishops Avenue, Hampstead, London. A very tight budget was applied to this project.

The Solution

Mirror steel and transverse lines of white pebble tiles inlaid into the deck increased the sense of space. Boldly sculptural Agave plants were placed in polished copper look tall planters to give the space a sense of rhythm.

Coloured Perspex concealed dull fencing and partially partitioned the garden. Polished steel planters were filled with large specimens of Kniphofia to add a splash of colour.

The lower garden was planted up with specimen trees including a large red-leaved Japanese maple.

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