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A Cheltenham garden

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A Cheltenham garden

Date Jan 2014
Location Cheltenham
Category Residential
Project details: 

A contemporary take on traditional garden design elements for a sloping garden in the exclusive Battledown area of Cheltenham with far-reaching southerly views.

The steep slope of the front garden has been tackled through the introduction of a landform - the tiers look sculptural and provide dramatic winter shadows but the season of interest is extended by introducing spring bulbs into the flat tiers and by planting up the banks with massed oxeye daisies (thereby elinating the need to mow the banks right through the summer into autumn).

At the side of the house a good size lawn has been created and made a practical family play zone area by levelling and defining the area using low brick retaining walls. At the rear, where there are wonderful views to open countryside, the strong line of the boundary parallel to the house has been softened by running sections of hedge at 90 degrees to it. These run towards the views and distract the eye from the perimeter. In front of a bay window a small aromatic plant and herb area has been semi-enclosed/defined using espalier fruit trees.

High quality materials and traditional craft skills are deployed throughout including fine, aged limestone paving, dry stone walling and woven oak fencing.

Garden build anticipated January-February 2014.

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