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Christchurch garden

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Christchurch garden

Date Nov 2016
Location Christchurch
Category Residential
Project details: 

To create a sens of exploration in a small enclosed space cedar deck boards are laid in a staggered fashion, to dissolve border edges, at an angle to the house to create a dynamic sense of movement. Small pebbles laid between the boards and as ground cover gives a harmonious relaxed feel to the space and alludes to the gardens closeness to the beaches of Bournemouth. In places the small ground cover grass Ophiopogon planiscarpus minor is to be grown between deck boards to enhance the sense of a garden that is well established. Three multistem trees are staggered throughout the space to tie together lush planting with diverse foliage textures and flowers colours in pinks, whites and blues with a touch of soft yellow. Plants include Gaura, Astrantia, Echinacea, Eryngium and Brunnera. One of the most stunning ferns in the world - Araiostegia hymenophylloides - is included in the shadier borders. 

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