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A contemporary classic garden

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A contemporary classic garden

Date Aug 2013
Category Residential
Project details: 

This is the rear garden of a modern stone house with a fairly sloping rear garden and tall stone wall to one side. There was little structure to the garden, a lot of space was unusable and maintenance requirements were high.

In order to detract from the boundary fences and tall wall to one side the fall in level from the house to the end of the garden has been defined through the use of retaining walls and steps, much using stone reclaimed from the garden.

A linear pattern has been introduced to ease maintenance and create a variety of journeys around the garden with interspersed seating points. At the far end an outdoor dining area has been created surrounded by panels of sweetly scented Trachelospermum jasminoides.

A gently bubbling raised pool on the upper patio is mirrored in a ground level pool further down the garden with a simple copper pipe water feed. The main border is arranged centrally giving a view down its depth for optimall plant layering. Fastigiate yews add a vertical element and rhythm. 

3d modelling was required to enable the client to better understand the design. The build is expect to commence srping 2014.

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