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Naturalistic perennials and grasses

The Brief

Following initial on-the-spot consultancy the client requested planting plans to address two difficult areas of their 2-acre rural garden, which was mostly on an exposed, north-facing slope.

The Solution

In the initial consultation stage for this garden design project in Dorset, we advised the introduction of a strong horizontal line, both to slow the eye as it swept down the gardens slopes and to visually connect a large sloping border to the level terraces around the house.

This horizontal element was introduced as an gentle arc of ornamental pear trees, which were pleached on site. Through careful selection of the trees we managed to maintain a level top to the arc despite the ground level falling over 6 feet! In front of the pleached trees we introduced a colourful, naturalistic planting scheme with a soft mix of ornamental grasses and large swathes of perennials.

Below the lawn another border sloping away to open countryside (with much poorer quality soil) was planted with a select range of ornamental grasses and a small number of ‘prairie-style’ perennials. This border looks particularly dazzling when its architectural shapes are covered in frost.

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