garden design dorset

Sculptural Anglo-Japanese spring garden

We are nearing completion of a scultural spring garden in the Donheads just outside Shaftesbury. 

A flat area has been created on a sloping bank using douglas fir sleepers to retain the new levels. At one end a large gravel rectangle on two highlights the pendulous form of a stunning weeping cherry; a cloud pruned yew hedge acts as its backdrop. At the other end, in a circular bed, is the contrasting vertical form of Prunus Amanogawa surrounded by a groundcover of sweetly scented Lily of the Valley.

Along the path between the two cherries are borders with mainly spring into summer planting using foliage contrast to provide an extended season of interest. The sketch shows how it was originally planned to use columns of beech to provide a sculptural rhythm to the borders but it was decided to replace these with multistem field maples, like that shown in the photogragh, as we felt this provided a stronger form.

Garden 3d model
plant palette